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I'm trying to run a command on every file within a directory (recursively) that matches a pattern. I need the filename of each item that matches for the command however. This is how far I've got:

find . -name '*.jar'

That gives me all the files I'm interested in. Now, I need to run the following command on all those files:

jarsigner -keystore ***** -storepass ****** $FILENAMEHERE

How do I reference the individual items in the output of find, for the command?

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If jarsigner takes only one file name at a time, use either

find . -iname '*.jar' | xargs -l jarsigner -keystore ***** -storepass ******


find . -iname '*.jar' -exec jarsigner -keystore ***** -storepass ***** {} \;
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Yes, xargs makes things more readable! However the man says the '-l' option is deprecated: '-L 1' should do the same. – cYrus Aug 19 '10 at 9:23

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