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If VLOOKUP doesn't find a match, it returns something that looks like "#__". However, I want to manipulate the VLOOKUP formula not to write anything in the cell if it doesn't find a match. (This picture is from Turkish Excel.)

How can I get VLOOKUP to return an empty result if it doesn't find anything?

alt text

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" Manupilate "? – Hello71 Aug 19 '10 at 15:28
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You simply need to add an IF / ISNA command to the Vlookup function


You need to make sure that the last parameter or the Vlookup is set to false, and where I wrote Value Here, you need to keep the quotes, but simply have a blank space if you want it to be blank.

If your Vlookup command was : =VLOOKUP(B7,testsheet,2) and you wanted the value to be blank if it doesn't exist, you would use:


Hope this helps you!

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If you are using Excel 2007 you can use the IFERROR function:


It's cleaner looking and more efficient than Wil's version but it is not backward compatible. If you share your xls w/ an Excel 2003 user the formula will error. In that case I would use Wil's method.

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