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In a given place there are two notebooks, no existant wi-fi connections available, no cable, both bluetooth-capable. What I want is to create a real LAN between the two, and (depending on how fast would that be) transfer files, play games, etc.

ALTERNATIVELY I'd like to know if there's another way to do the same thing with no additional devices.

1) Both are bluetooth capable
2) Both are wi-fi capable
3) Both are really new (made in 2010)
4) Both have 10/100 cable plug (though I don't want to use it)
5) Both are netbooks (but that doesn't change much)
6) Both are HP-Mini's: 1060BR, and 1040br.
7) We are willing to install third party applications
8) Battery life is not a major concern (both have 6-cell batts)
9) Both are using WINDOWS 7 32-bits.

obs.: with these many details I forgot the S.O. great. :)

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Use wifi if you can, it's much faster than bluetooth (and easier to setup) –  b0fh Aug 19 '10 at 11:44

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You should be able to set up an ad-hoc wi-fi network. Here is a howto for XP by Microsoft (but it's likely to be similar for later versions of Windows).

Assuming you're running Windows, of course.

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Updated the question, now with the S.O. –  MarceloRamires Aug 19 '10 at 11:49
Could you elaborate on why WiFi isn't an option in your scenario? –  Alan Pearce Aug 19 '10 at 12:01
Actually, I didn't know it was possible, so I assumed bluetooth was the only option. Thank you, i'm going to try it soon, then I'll comment back. There are no restrictions to the use of the network, right ? could play games, share files, ping, and everything, just no internet or intermediary router, is that right ? –  MarceloRamires Aug 19 '10 at 17:14
That's exactly as I believe it works, yes. –  Alan Pearce Aug 19 '10 at 17:55

It is possible, and I've done on Linux, however I used a desktop computer and a laptop.

Here's a tutorial on how to do this. I both computers have an IP adress and the network had a range of about 6 to 8 metres.

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