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I have a video in XviD format that won't load in Vegas. (I tried using FourCC changer but that didn't work.) Then I tried using ffmpeg to encode in (forgot codec name, something like H-242 or something). Didn't work.

How can I encode a video so that Sony Vegas 7 will load it?

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H.264 ( maybe? – Joakim Elofsson Aug 3 '09 at 21:53

After a quick scan around the net, I have found that Vegas 7 does not support Xvid or DivX out if the box. There should be two soulutions

  1. Install a codec into Vegas so it can read it.
  2. use tmpgenc, to convert the AVI file to mpeg1 compression.

Normally I would just recommend FFmpeg but someone else on a video forum has specifically recommended tmpgenc for the job.

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I encoded to WMV using ffmpeg via WinFF. It worked.

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