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I have a SonicWALL NSA240, SonicPoint N and NetGear GS748T and would like to set up two SSIDs.

I would like a "BusinessPrivate SSID" with access to the business network and the internet, and a "BusinessGuest SSID" which only has access to the internet.

Supposedly, this should be cake with VLANs - but I apparently do not understand the finer concepts of VLANs, and cannot get the configuration I found here to work.

When I plug the SonicPoint into the switch, I cannot get it to appear under "SonicPoints" in the SonicWALL. If I plug it into Port X4 on the Sonicwall, it appears, but I cannot assign more than one zone to the port (without using VLANs, which I don't understand).

Can someone explain, in simple terms, how to configure this hardware to achieve my goal?

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Ok, the secret was to plug the SonicPoint directly into the Sonicwall on port X4, but then to create additional VLAN interfaces under X4.

Name    Zone IP Address   Subnet Mask    IP Assignment  Status
X4      WLAN  Static         100 Mbps full-duplex 
X4:V100 WLAN  Static         VLAN Sub-Interface  
X4:V200 WLAN  Static         VLAN Sub-Interface

"WLAN" is the "Zone". You can assign different zones if necessary.

Under "SonicPoint / Virtual Access Point > Virtual Access Points":

# SSID              VLAN ID Authentication  Cipher Max Clients
1 Private Wireless  100  Both            WEP    16            
2 Guest Wireless    200  Open            None   16  

Note, if you're using WEP, the key(s) are set under "SonicPoint / SonicPoints" under the appropriate provisioning profile.

Add the Virtual Access Points to a Virtual Access Points Group, then assign that group under "Virtual Access Point Settings" in the provision profile.

Under "Firewall / Access Rules", give the private wireless access to the LAN and deny the guest wireless access to the LAN:

#  Priority  Source          Destination  Service  Action  Users
1  1         X4 Subnet       Any          Any      Allow   All            
2  2       X4:V100 Subnet  Any          Any      Allow   All              
3  3         X4:V200 Subnet  Any          Any      Deny    All

That's about all there is to it. Plenty of other configuration options to play with though, depending on your requirements.

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