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Both OSX and the iPhone support A2DP, both as source-only. I would like to be able to transmit the audio from the iPod app (and other compatible applications) to my computer, i.e. to use my mac as "headphones".
I've searched a bit and I couldn't find anything to make that happen, so here I am!

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I don't think its possible (yet) to do so using Bluetooth.

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The reason why it doesn't work with MacOS X is because Apple doesn't allow developers to write their own Bluetooth stack for OSX !. So its kinda impossible to make such thing to work with OSX

If true, that's depressing...

But I just thought of a (lame) alternative: A2DP receiver -> computer's line-in
It should work, though it'd be an extra piece of hardware to buy and keep charged instead of having the computer "just work"

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Eventually I came around this problem by using an AirPort Express connected to my computer's external speakers (they have two inputs). Now I can stream to my computer's speakers without having it on or connected at all, and it works over AirPlay/WiFi, which might even have a higher quality. –  bfred.it May 25 '13 at 12:54
Wish there was 1 device that has the Bluetooth A2DP receiver on the on end, and internally do the line conversion to a USB audio input/interface. So a USB audio card (1 input only) and a Bluetooth A2DP receiver combined in 1 device (skipping the 3.5mm line-in-out plugs). –  Pro Backup Sep 24 '13 at 22:46

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