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Both OSX and the iPhone support A2DP, both as source-only. I would like to be able to transmit the audio from the iPod app (and other compatible applications) to my computer, i.e. to use my mac as "headphones".
I've searched a bit and I couldn't find anything to make that happen, so here I am!

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I don't think its possible (yet) to do so using Bluetooth.

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Solution 1

I thought of a (lame) alternative: A2DP receiver -> computer's line-in

It should work, though it'd be an extra piece of hardware to buy and keep charged instead of having the computer "just work"

Solution 2 (preferred)

Eventually I fixed this problem by using an AirPort Express connected to my computer's external speakers (they have two inputs). Similarly I could have used a mini-jack Y-splitter to connect both sources to the input.

Now I can stream to my computer's speakers without having it on or connected at all, and it works over AirPlay/WiFi, which likely has higher quality.

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Wish there was 1 device that has the Bluetooth A2DP receiver on the on end, and internally do the line conversion to a USB audio input/interface. So a USB audio card (1 input only) and a Bluetooth A2DP receiver combined in 1 device (skipping the 3.5mm line-in-out plugs). – Pro Backup Sep 24 '13 at 22:46

You can install Linux in a virtual machine (e.g. using VMWare or Parallels Workstation), then

  • either assign your system's Bluetooth adapter exclusively to the VM if you don't need Bluetooth functionality in Mac OS or
  • connect an additional Bluetooth Adapter to your Mac, then connect this new one to the VM (such adapters cost a few dollars on or similar)

Then inside the Linux VM use these instructions for setting up a Bluetooth A2DP sink:

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