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In vimperator I often have 20+ tabs open. To get a list of my tabs I press "B" which shows the buffer/tab numbers.

So I want to do something like :3,5bd to delete tabs 3 to 5. Is that possible?

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You can read about closing tabs in Vimperator in the Vimperator's help file.

As it comes to the actual question, I don't think you can do exactly that - with that specific syntax, at least. However, to close tabs 3 through 5 is possible with 3gt 3d.

So, first you have to change to the first tab to be closed and do some math yourself (how many tabs you want to close: 5-3 + 1 = 3).

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I wonder if you could make a vimperator function to delete a tab range without leaving the current tab. – Jason Axelson Aug 27 '10 at 3:15

You may also use :tabgroups command to group tabs and then remove whole group.

You can find out about tabgroups using :help tabgroups

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