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Is there any way to see a list with all the active login connections on various web sites from the respective browser?

Edit: for instance if I'm logged in on superuser, stackoverflow, facebook and yahoo, is there a way to see all this in a list?

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Care to elaborate more on what you count as a 'login connection'? – Jawa Aug 20 '10 at 9:57
@Jawa: I think he means "login sessions" – grawity Aug 20 '10 at 14:23
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I don't think it is possible for the browser to know this for certain. In many (most?) cases the "logged in" state information is held at the server (because HTTP is a stateless protocol). For some login mechanisms, the browser has a session cookie for whose value the server keeps track of "logged in" state. You might have clicked a "logout" widget (or been timed out) but your browser could still hold an unexpired session cookie.

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Currently there is no way for a browser to separate login pages (or logged in pages) from any other regular web pages. So no, there is no way to see such a list.

However, in coming the version of Firefox there is functionality, named as Account Manager, that identifies login pages and manages users' web identities. There might as well be some add-ons that are capable of doing this, but none of the plain browsers can do it.

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