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Are there any security room-monitoring software that runs through a webcam on the computer? (This thread isn't a duplicate of

The features I'm looking for:

-Records and monitors any movement within the room through webcam

-When movement is detected, there are specific markings within the video so you could easily skip through the footage to the point where the movement has been detected/email alert

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Check out Vitamin D Video.

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This post on lifehacker might be informative: Use your webcam as a security camera

There is also this commercial app:

Watcher does motion detection, e-mail/phone alert, video/audio logging, broadcasting and more. Used together with RemoteView

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Yes, I have seen that before too, but I'm looking for something that does more. – JFW Aug 20 '10 at 10:48
@JFW - You should edit your question to include apps you have tried and rejected (and perhaps explain what was lacking). – Nifle Aug 20 '10 at 10:51

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