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In what files/dirs in the home dir does gnome store the user config data?

Or if you like.

What files do I need to restore from backup in order to restore my gnome desktop with all the different settings I made?

Thanks Johan

Edit: All user config files is usually stored somewhere in /home/$USER/. And since all the programs, kde, xfce and gnome stores their config there, this question is about what files belong to the gnome desktop.

The file list:

This is my guess of what files belong to the gnome desktop

  • .gconf/
  • .gconfd/
  • .gnome2/
  • .gnome2_private/
  • .nautilus/

And some parts of

  • .config/

Did I miss something?

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Also don't forget ~/.config, which a lot of Gnome (and other) application use nowadays.

It's the 'XDG/freedesktop' standard location , and usually configured to be at ~/.config

Ohh, but why just backup the whole home dir (or atleast all dot files and directories)?

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I'm merging two home dirs into one. I have one nice xfce and one nice gnome. And I would like to have them both in the same computer :) – Johan Aug 20 '10 at 15:15

I believe it's in your /home/"Username" directory, right click in the window and show hidden files, all folders starting with a . (fullstop) are hidden folders normally holding config.

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Sorry, but can you be more precise? This answer mean that .vim and .Skype is part of the Gnome desktop? – Johan Aug 20 '10 at 14:29

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