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In what files/dirs in the home dir does xfce store the user config data?

Or if you like.

What files do I need to restore from backup in order to restore my xfce desktop with all the different settings I made?

Thanks Johan

Edit: All user config files is usually stored somewhere in /home/$USER/. And since all the programs, kde, xfce and gnome stores their config there, this question is about what files belong to the xfce desktop.

This is my guess of what files belong to the xfce desktop:

  • .config/Thunar/
  • .config/xfce4/
  • .config/xfce4-session/
  • .config/user-dirs.dirs
  • .config/user-dirs.locale
  • .cache/Thunar/
  • .cache/xfce4/
  • .cache/sessions/

Did I miss something?

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Virtually all Linux programs store their info in either .< program name >or ./config/< ProgramName >

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