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So when I press enter the list is reordered instead of the highlighted file/folder to open/ run.

Are there any workarounds?

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I has having the same issue, this is why I was searching and found your question here. I'm also using AutoHotkey and also have a hotkey for an explorer window which includes the "Shift" key. Your first answer helped my and I thought about it again.

I figured out, it's NOT AutoHotkey causing the problem, but explorer itself when it is launched while holding the "Shift" key down. You can confirm this by opening a directory while holding the Shift key down within explorer. This causes the same issue.

Anyway, unfortunately i still don't have any other solution to this than NOT using the Shift hey for the hotkey to open a directory.

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I did "reporI it" -see :… for a workaround – Mr_and_Mrs_D Nov 26 '12 at 13:31

Pressing Ctrl+Tab takes the focus from the column header to the file content area.

You could add that to your AutoHotkey script which opens the Windows explorer.

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Well - I was not clear (cause I was confused myself) - what was happening was that the autohotkey command run as in say :+#M::run, F:\M U S I C would give focus to the columns header instead of the explorer pane - so probably I should report this there.

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