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I want my PC to boot at 9am and shutdown at 10pm every day, is there a way to do that on Windows? Of course maybe don't go off completely, but hibernate or something like that.

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To start it, look at the BIOS settings. If the PC isn't too old, you should be able to set a start timer.

To shutdown, get a copy of shutdown.exe and add a new "Task" that runs at 10pm. Note that shutdown will fail if some application doesn't want to be shut down (i.e. when they display "Unsaved changes. Really Quit?" or something)

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+1 that's pretty much correct. You can use -f with shutdown to force programs to close (but, if they don't want to close there's probably a reason - ie, they might be trying to save something). One thing you can do is a non-forced shutdown at the desired time, and schedule -f shutdown 15mins later. – DMA57361 Aug 20 '10 at 14:41
+1 for both comments. shutdown.exe should come standard with XP and above. Open up a command line (Start> Run : type cmd and hit enter) and type in "shutdown /?" that will tell you all you need to know for shutdown commands. I usually use "shutdown /s /t 3600 /f" to turn my computer off in an hour. I usually have music playing when I go to sleep at night. – Doltknuckle Aug 20 '10 at 16:24

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