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My Safari toolbar looks like:

< > | (+)__________location bar_____________ | ____google____ |.

It has Back, Forward, break, Add Bookmark (the +), Location bar, break, Google search bar.

Anyone have a clue how to get the '+' button to disappear?

All I want in the bar is:

< > | __________location bar_____________ | ____google____ |.

I had it like this going back to Safari 4 or even further, but now the + is part of the location bar, and I can't remove one without the other. It might've been a defaults write com.apple.Safari that I can't remember. Any help would be spectacular.

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It's easy: right click, select customize toolbar, drag a new "add bookmark" button into the bar (to separate the original from the location bar), and then drag the detached + button off to the side (not back into the customize window, I mean like "out of safari") and it'll disappear in a poof of smoke, just how you like it!

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Wow, that's really weird. But it seems to work. +1. –  jtbandes Aug 20 '10 at 19:21
That's perfect. Thanks. –  kjell_ Aug 20 '10 at 19:49

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