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How can I set gedit to be default editor in mc?

When I hit F4, gedit should be used rather than mc's default editor.

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Set your EDITOR environment variable to gedit and go into mc's options and disable the internal editor.

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Thanks! that worked. Do you happen to know how to use gedit also for VIEWING? – user36028 Aug 21 '10 at 11:03
How to pass options for editor? EDITOR='rsub --port 52697' seems does not work. MC run just editor without options (( – Eugen Konkov Sep 14 '15 at 9:34

As for the viewer, mc will use the one specified by the PAGER variable (“less” on my OS)

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To extend the answer by Kevin Panko and to address the comment to that answer by Eugen Konkov, I would like to share my workaround for Midnight Commander ignoring arguments in $EDITOR. Instead of passing arguments in $EDITOR definition directly, one can define an editor command with arguments in a script and set $EDITOR to that script.

For example, to ensure that each instance of vim has a servername, I use:


/usr/local/bin/vim --servername VIM "$@"
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