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I just installed Fedora 13 on my Notebook. Because I am a long time Windows user, I now face a big problem. I downloaded the Source for a specific cbr-reader but I dont know, how to build it. I know how to compile some c++ code, but unfortunately that´s it. The Programm is called Comical and requires besides the gcc 3.3 the wxWidgets. I downloaded the Source and wxWidgets already, but I really don´t have any clue at all what to do now.

Please can someone give me some advise or HowTo?

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Install the wxGTK-devel, gcc-c++, and make packages, then run make in the extracted directory followed by sudo -c 'make install'.

Or install the comix package and use that.

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thanks. that´s exactly what i was looking for ;-) – Diskilla Aug 22 '10 at 0:50
I tried to run make but, the code is kind of old, so i always get an error about some bools in the code. So I tried the comix package and it works perfectly. At least I know now how to build something. Thanks again. – Diskilla Aug 22 '10 at 3:41

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