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I have seen people running a tiled window manager (like dwm, awesome, Xmonad) handling a tabbed terminal running a terminal multiplexer (like tmux, screen) running a text editor that supports split panes.

3 layers of window management leads to a lot of flexibility, and possibly complexity (especially when trying to remember which layer you're at so you know what key-binding to use).

If you use 2 or more of these window management layers, how do you manage your windows? Which features do you use and which features don't you use? Please indicate your platform.

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Right now I'm using OSX Terminal with tmux running Vim. This means I have CMD+Tab to switch between applications + CMD+} to change tabs in Terminal + CTRL+J, # to change windows in tmux + CTRL+J, j/k/h/l to change panes in tmux, t,j/k/h/l to change tabs in Vim, and CTRL+W, j/k/h/l to change windows in Vim.

My gosh what a mess!

An alternative is to use OSX Terminal tabs and run MacVim, which has its own tabs. Then we only have CMD+Tab to change applications, CMD+} to change tabs, and CTRL+W, j/k/h/l to change windows in Vim.

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