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On my XP desktop I had a wallpaper set, let's say oldWallpaper.jpg. Now I changed this to newWallpaper.jpg .

Whenever the system starts, first it displays the last set wallpaper oldWallpaper.jpg and when it is done with its loaded my profile, it then switches to newWallpaper.jpg.

So first I see oldWallpaper.jpg, then all the launching and loading, then I see the newWallpaper.jpg.

What would be causing this to happen?

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I've seen this before as well. From what I remember, the first image it was loading was the last used .bmp wallpaper. Did you "Set as Wallpaper" from an internet browser? These are usually applied as .bmp.

I think my workaround was to clear the wallpaper entirely (ie, no wallpaper) and then set the .jpg as the new wallpaper.

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