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I had to reinstall the OS (Windows XP SP3), and now I can't find the old MSN Toolbar to download. It has been replaced with the Bing Toolbar. The Bing toolbar doesn't have the options to use smileys (tools - icons - create -localize the icon on your PC).

I wan't to put smileys in my e-mails, etc. How can I do this now??? Can I download an old version of the MSN Toolbar somewhere?

The only safe way I know of to safely use smileys was by following these instructions, using the old MSN Toolbar: (Also, when you installed the MSN Toolbar, you did a custom installation and unchecked everything - so the toolbar didn't do anything else, and didn't slow broswing.), and all others I know of, are MALWARE - they slow browsing, track browsing, phone home, etc. See for example: www(dot)pchell(dot)com/support/smileycentral.shtml

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Please do yourself and everyone you send emails to a favor and stop using smileys at all. Emoticons, as text, can be acceptable if used properly, but HTML email is a bad idea period, and that includes image smileys.

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