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I installed a Windows XP Professional upgrade onto a computer I'm going to use as a dev server, but whenever I boot up I have to choose between the pro or regular version. Is there a configuration somewhere that I can change so I don't have to choose?

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The MS support article is (probably?) right, but there's a nicer way to do this.

  1. Press Win+Pause on the keyboard to open system properties.
  2. Click the tab Advanced.
  3. In the section Startup and recovery, click the button Settings.
  4. The dropdown list Default operating system should contain two entries on yor computer: one entry for each of your Windows installations.
  5. Choose the Windows XP Pro installation.
  6. Optional: You can set the timeout to maybe just 3 seconds if you like.
  7. Click OK to close the two windows.

Now, on reboot, the Pro installation should start!

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See this microsoft KB article that explains how to do what you're looking for:

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