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Firefox, Chrome and Safari all have a zoom function (C-+ and C--) which is really nice. But is there a way to find out what is the generated font-size after the zoom?

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In Firefox, I would just install the NoSquint extension, which (in addition to its other features) can display the current zoom level in the status bar.

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Thanks a lot, that did the trick. – Robert Audi Aug 25 '10 at 7:14

Here is a little dirty trick as copied from:

    pa= pa || document.body;
    var who= document.createElement('div');
    var atts= {fontSize:'1em',padding:'0',position:'absolute',lineHeight:'1',visibility:'hidden'};
    for(var p in atts){[p]= atts[p];
    var fs= [who.offsetWidth,who.offsetHeight];
    return fs;
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