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I have an ubuntu virtual machine with vmware server 2.0.2 and my pc windows xp.

The problem is that I have all the time a message "ssh connection failed".

My firewall is disabled, all protection which could be stop the connection are disabled I haven't done an update or upgrade.

So, i don't understand why ? maybe a automatic update on ubuntu who fail the connection ? becaus i don't think its cause by the software, because i have the same message with putty,winscp...

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was the ssh connection ''ever'' working? – Andrew Bolster Aug 23 '10 at 16:21

1) Use Ping and make sure the network is still up and functioning...

2) Make sure SSH is running on the endpoint.

3) run ssh -v hostname.domain.tld in order to get a verbose output from SSH, it will help you narrow down where the connection is dying (its the host rejecting it, or are you never even making it to the host?).

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On #3 here, you can add more v's to the -v to get even more information -- like ssh -vvv hostname – Doug Harris Aug 23 '10 at 16:14

Ubuntu doesn't ship with openssh installed. (At least the desktop doesnt)

sudo apt-get -y update && sudo apt-get -y install openssh-server
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