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I've upgraded to Windows 7 x64 and iTunes is giving me all sorts of problems (hanging, crashing) so I've decided to run it from my Mac mini.

However, I need to get my Outlook 2010 contacts and calender onto the iPhone. I figured that I might be able to export them to the OSX address book and calendar, but this doesn't appear to be the simple task I thought it would be.

Anyone know how to transfer contacts and calendar from Outlook 2010 to the standard OSX contacts and calendar apps?

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Use Outlook 2010 to sync with Google Calender and Google Contacts, and then use Google sync to sync the Contacts and Calenders OTA.

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You can sync your contacts between Outlook 2010 and OSX contacts app (and more) using the free webapp Soocial. It says the Outlook support is beta, but I've been using it on Outlook 2010 without any trouble for a while now, and Soocial for quite a while longer.

GCCALDaemon might do what you want for the calender side. It looks more complicated to set up, but very powerful.

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