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I have a script that uses the ZIP command in linux (Ubuntu), and changes the name to make it executable for a certain program.

Now I realized the reason this program was not unzipping and installing it correctly was because it seems to depend on Windows legacy compression Zip 2.0 compatibility. Is there anything I can do to ensure compatibility when using the zip command via linux command line?

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According to the manual, Info-ZIP zip archives are incompatible with (older?) PK-ZIP when data is streamed from standard input and/or when the archive > 2 GiB.

The option "-Z deflate" might be useful too (that's the most-supported zip compression method).

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We ended up forcing a software change to the programming opening the zip file. It really wasn't the zip format's problem or my script's issue but rather the actual software using it. I do think this was helpful though Thanks! – Parris Jul 30 '12 at 22:35

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