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Not fussed about controlling a Mac over the internet, or controlling a Windows PC. Just controlling a Mac on the same home network as the iPad.

Free is good, but reliability and a less fussy interface are worth money.

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Not really much in remote control over just LAN that wouldn't work the same anywhere else, but you can check out this rundown.

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The only one I have personal experience with is iTeleport for iPad. It isn't free, but I found it to be super-easy to set up and use.

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Mocha VNC Lite, which is free, seems to work alright so far.

To get it to work with Apple’s Screen Sharing feature, you need to set up Screen Sharing in a specific way: see their Snow Leopard setup guide.

The interface isn’t as simple as it could be, and the setup guides don’t have the clearest writing (in English anyway), but once I found and followed the instructions everything worked fine.

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