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I used to have a custom about:config setting that made it so that any popup a page would generate was opened in a new tab instead.

With my new install, I can't remember the name of this setting. Can anyone help me out here?

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It's set to 0.

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Indeed, thanks. – KdgDev Aug 24 '10 at 7:32

I can't tell you the name of the setting, but you mention having a "new install." If you are trying to configure firefox on a new machine, or if you think you will have to do this in the future, I highly recommend this little java applet. It is an absolute gem. Forget importing bookmarks and any reconfiguration. This program will take your entire firefox profile and convert to a format which it will later use to import to your new machine.

Hope it's at least a little help for the future if not right now! ;)

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That is cool, but isn't really an answer. – digitxp Aug 24 '10 at 2:05
Nifty little thing. I'll be sure to use it. – KdgDev Aug 24 '10 at 7:32

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