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I would like to make some bookmarks being static in Firefox but I can't find anything to do this.


I bookmark a page and I want to have a look at it 3 months later. But what if it changes or disappears? I don't want to save the page with httrack or something, just a right click menu item (Make static/offline) or similar.

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See Scrapbook add-on

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You can use File > Save Page As and save as 'Web page, complete' to save a copy of the page.

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Yes, but Scrapbook does this seamlessly, so I don't have to remember where I saved the pages. – Vili Aug 5 '09 at 5:29

The Scrapbook add-on can do this and more, you can download it here:

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You can save the page to disc. Most web browsers can do this and pull down the relevant images too.

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Thanks, but I wanted a built-in or feature solution. – Vili Aug 4 '09 at 13:11

..or you could save it to a pdf file, using pdfcreator

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