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I am wondering how can l with the ECS 945GCT-M/1333 to change so it only runs one core and not both.

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I doubt you can do that. So far I've never seen a motherboard which allows user to turn off a core in the processor. – AndrejaKo Aug 24 '10 at 9:13

If you are running Windows; Windows can be configured to only run one core. One Windows XP the boot.ini can be manually edited. Adding to the end of your boot line /numproc=1 will limit Windows to one core (since each core is considered a CPU)

Vista/7 is more complex. For Vista or 7 I'd use Easy BCD Edit. Use the Advanced Settings to limit Windows on one CPU.

Also if you only want to run limit a single program to a single CPU you can use the procedure here to do that.

alt text

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