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I currently use Chromium on a Windows XP desktop. When I click on a link prefixed with ssh:// I'd like it to run Putty, but nothing happens. How can I configure Chromium to execute Putty for such links?

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Chrome/Chromium does not handle unknown protocol://s by itself, instead it handles it to OS/DE running on parent system, so you just need to register ssh:// protocol for PuTTY.

As PuTTY original developer does not want to implement this feature, there is a modified version that supports this feature. Note that you'll need to run the installer from that page in order for protocol handler to be registered.

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Thank you! However, the modified version link isnt working anymore. I guess it's – Philippe Jul 8 '11 at 9:58
@Philippe, fixed. – whitequark Jul 8 '11 at 10:22
once again link rot has struck edv-bartl – hildred Jan 8 '14 at 21:21
@hildred apparently it's gone for good now. still hosts the patch, but you'd probably not want to compile it yourself. – whitequark Jan 9 '14 at 19:37

PuttyTray supports URL handling.

PuTTY Tray is an improved version of PuTTY. It features some cosmetic changes, and a number of addons to make it more useful and much more fun to use.

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I don't see how to configure this. – Mark Richman May 9 '14 at 18:22

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