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Is there anybody who knows some really good ftp / dual pane / folder sync (local and ftp)?

Something like panic's transmit or binarynights' forklift ?

The best I used is filezilla, but it feels so old compared to mac's clients...

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Before switching to Mac (and Transmit, of course) I was an avid user of FlashFXP, which should offer all the features you speak of.

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CuteFTP Pro can do it, although it's not free

I personally like SmartFTP. I don't remember paying for it after a month, so I guess that's some new "feature".. It doesn't state if it will stop working after one month or just flip to a simple ftp client, but I guess you could try it.

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WinSCP includes FTP support and is probably the closest I've seen to Transmit on the Mac for Windows.

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