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It seems that enabling Home Sharing and/or hooking up my iPhone's Remote to iTunes causes Mac OS X Snow Leopard's firewall to freak out and keep nagging every time I launch iTunes to ask if I'd like it to accept incoming connections. If I turn off Home Sharing and forget all Remotes, the nag dialog no longer comes up. I could also disable the firewall, but I think that's a silly thing to do.

iTunes is already in the firewall whitelist, so the only thing I know that could cause Mac OS X to nag is a bad application bundle code signature. I checked with this Terminal command:

$ codesign -vvv /Applications/

And sure enough, this is what it outputs:

/Applications/ a sealed resource is missing or invalid
/Applications/ resource added
/Applications/ resource added
/Applications/ resource added
/Applications/ resource added
/Applications/ resource added

I've tried reinstalling iTunes as suggested by this answer, but Mac OS X still nags about incoming connections and the exact same output is generated when I run the above command again.

On my PC, Windows Firewall has never nagged whenever I turn on Home Sharing and hook up Remote on my iPhone. Both computers use iTunes 9.2.1. My Mac runs Mac OS X 10.6.4.

Is there anything special I need to do that I might have missed? Or how do I resolve the issue?

EDIT: I've updated to iTunes 10, but the nags on my Mac are still there and only go away if I turn off Home Sharing and Remote.

EDIT 2: I've updated to Remote 2.0 on my iPhone, but the firewall nags are persisting. Has anyone else had this firewall issue at all?

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While updating to iTunes 10.1 and Remote 2.1 alone didn't get rid of the nags, I think they did indeed change something, because I just carried out the following and it looks like the nags are gone (for good?):

  1. Removed from iPhone
  2. iTunes > Preferences > Devices > Forget All Remotes
  3. Quit iTunes
  4. System Preferences > Security > Firewall, remove iTunes from list of applications
  5. Started iTunes
  6. Reinstalled
  7. Coupled iPhone with iTunes
  8. Restarted iTunes

I guess the Mac OS X firewall finally figured that iTunes was still iTunes, whether or not I shared my library or linked to any Remotes.

Or my Mac simply wanted to give me a New Year's surprise.

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+1 for following up on your own old question. If only others were this disciplined :-) – Daniel Beck Jan 3 '11 at 12:13

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