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I have a 450MB PST file (Outlook 2003 backup file) saved from a PC before it crashed.

I would like to break it up into its components i.e.

  1. Save attachments to folders on my PC
  2. Paste text emails into a word processor
  3. ... etc.

However I don't want to buy Office Professional 2003 or later solely for importing the PST into Outlook 2003+. Outlook Express cannot import PST files - only Outlook can do this properly.

Is there another way to access the 450MB file?

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Wil's suggestion is probably the best way to go. However, if you're looking for something more robust for a network environment, "Kernel for Exchange Server" will let you look at .pst files as well as the raw .edb files from an Exchange server. You can browse individual items and export them as well.

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Thank you both! I’ll have a look at your suggestions. It’s just for one PC. – Nobler Aug 25 '10 at 13:55

There are third party tools for opening PST files - however I have not seen any good (free) ones that I could recommend.

Alternatively, you could download Thunderbird - a free email client by the Mozilla team, which can import PST files.

The best solution is probably to download a trial of Office, then you can use the full Outlook to do what you want.

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