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I'm editing a macro in Word 2007 in Windows XP. When I try to save this macro, I get the following error message:

save failed due to out of memory or disk space

Now, I have plenty of disk space available, so I think that this is a lie.

However, when I try to edit/save the macro on another machine, it succeeds.

I've tried to repair the Office 2007 install. I've uninstalled/reinstalled Office 2007 and applied all available updates. I've uninstalled/reinstalled Office 2007 without applying any updates.

Why is this happening?

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It's possible that errors in the disk data structures are causing this. In Windows Explorer, right click the drive letter, choose Properties, go to the Tools tab, click Check Now, make sure that Automatically fix filesystem errors is enabled and click Start. Depending on the drive, Windows may tell you that you need to restart to perform the check; if it says this, you'll need to restart Windows.

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