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I just installed Ubuntu 10.04. I am using the default IM client (Empathy I believe). How can I open new IM messages with just the keyboard? I despise having to click on the green envelope icon, select chat and then select the contact name. I want to just do this by pressing some keys to bring up to the foreground the IM window with the message?

Some people have suggested to leave open a conversation and then do alt+tab and then switch to the tab with the new message but I do not like to leave windows open and I also I feel like it's too slow to do all those steps.

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If D-Bus can be used to tell Empathy to open the window then you can use a custom keyboard shortcut bound to dbus-send to send the appropriate message.

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Thanks. I guess the question is: how can I use dbus to to open the Empathy window that of a new incoming message :) – amh Aug 24 '10 at 23:47

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