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I'm using Windows XP Home that came with my Eee PC 904HD, and using iTunes on it to sync all that I have on my iPod Touch 3g, but there are two albums on my organizer that are split(don't know why), I've checked and all their tags are the same, but I want to know how I can combine them. As you can see they are the same album, but only with the second music separated.

Here is the screenshot:
iTunes is mad?

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Look carefully - one track has no umalut (the little sideways : on top of the i) and as such is alone. fixing that should sort it out

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Thanks very much! – Nathan Campos Aug 25 '10 at 1:59

A space at the end of the album name could cause this.

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I've checked both, and nothing was found :( – Nathan Campos Aug 25 '10 at 1:31

A solution (if you can't discover why they are separate tracks) is to tell iTunes all the tracks are part of a compilation.

To do this highlight all the tracks, right click > Get Info > Options Tab. Check 'part of a compilation' and select yes from the dropdown.

Hit OK and this will group all the tracks in iTunes as a single album.

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