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I have a frustrating problem with the firefox pluign vimperator. When I'm switching tabs with cntrl + n, if a tab that has focus on a field is open along the way from the current tab to the target tab, this opens firefox in a new window. How can I take focus away from all fields when I switch tabs in vimperator?

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(Sorry I have to do a new answer, because it's too long for a comment.)

I have my keyboard mappings customized beyond recognition, but I use gt/gT or Ctrl-Tab to cycle through tabs. But the main thing I have trouble duplicating is that if I switch out of a tab while in insert mode and then switch back to it, I don't switch back into insert mode. I wonder if you have some setting that is making it focus the first text field automatically or something. (E.g., nofocuscontent.)


:help map

should give you the basics in mappings. You might do

:nmap <C-n> gt<Esc>

or possibly

:nmap <C-n> :tabnext<CR><Esc>

or put it in your .vimperatorrc to remap it automatically on load; there you can leave out the opening ':' . (Replace gt/:tabnext with gT or :tabprev for <C-p>, etc.)

You might even solve your problem just by unmapping or remapping <C-n> in insert mode to prevent it from opening a new window (unless you like that feature).

:imap <C-n> <Nop>

will make ctrl-N do nothing in insert mode, or you could make it move tabs too:

:imap <C-n> <Esc>gt<Esc>

or some such.

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This is hard to test, because I'm having trouble duplicating the problem (Ctrl-N does not switch tabs for me, etc.) Have you tried:

:set focuscontent


(See :help focuscontent for more info.)

If that doesn't work, you might just consider remapping Ctrl-N to gt<Esc>.

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Hi, thanks for the response. How would I go about mapping that? cntrl-N, cntrl-P don't switch tabs for you? – James Aug 25 '10 at 7:11

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