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Altho' I have marked several access points to "Auto connect", Ubuntu still doesn't connect automatically so many times (sometimes it does).

Is there any setting change that I need to do.

This is particularly a problem because, any windows machine auto connects whenever the wifi is available; One can easily assume a connected PC all the time, when in range. Its a huge distraction, one that can easily be done away with, to have to look if the PC is connected each time you log on.

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You might try using an alternate wifi manager. I've heard good things about wicd. But that's more of a suggestion than an answer, I've never used anything other than the default in Ubuntu.

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Network Manager has always performed very poorly for me in Ubuntu. I finally switched to wicd on my eeepc and my laptop and it performs beautifully. – prestomation Sep 1 '09 at 18:10

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