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Hi Every time I format my PC I forget to backup my IE favorites and lose them all from Internet Explorer.

Is there a tool that automatically makes backup/restore of IE favorites in a chosen location like a network path?

I know that is possible to change default favorites folder location, but that's not what I want to do.


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X Marks syncs between different browsers and computers and has a permanent backup on a server. You can use multiple profiles (home and office for example) and sync passwords, tabs in addition to favorites if you want. It's a plugin for Firefox and has versions for IE, Chrome and Safari. I use it to sync favorites between FF and IE on multiple computers without problems. The sync is done on favorites menu and toolbar independent of the browser you use and I just saw it now works on iPhone, iTouch and soon on android. On Firefox it's fully automatic and on IE it places an icon in the right bottom tray.

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No "automatic" way but you can easily use Windows backup to make a backup of the favorites folder in the profile folder( not sure of which Windows you have) and a simple copy and paste will work.

You could use a the USMT to copy the entire profile as well.

You can alos use the Import-Export menu in IE to export the favorites (plus feeds and cookies) to a network location or external drive.

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If you want good bookmark backup/syncing Google Chrome does it with your Google account. If you don't mind trying a new browser it's a very easy (and ridiculously useful) solution.

I think Firefox has some extensions to do the same.

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