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Alright: The problem: The cooler on my HD4850 stopped working. It doesn't go on automatically, on every bootup I have to manually give it a tap to get it going, and even then it only spins at about... 20% speed I presume.

Now as de cooling elements and heatsinks on the Club3D HD4850 version aren't as good, the card overheats and makes my system crash after a couple of minutes gaming. I can get away with Modern Warfare 2 and such, but games like Mafia 2 and others: No dice :(

So I'm looking for a new cooler. I was looking at the Accelero Twin Turbo Pro today, as I helped a mate install the larger version of it on his HD4870x2, and it works splendidly. Any input on the performance on this system, or other coolers that might be better?


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The Accelero is a great cooler go for that one.

There is one that I'll be putting on my 5850, but it will work on the 4850, is a combination of:

Thermalright Spitfire

Thermalright VRM-R5

But I do believe the VRM-R5 is only for reference models so make sure yours is.

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