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I'm having a bit of trouble finding a way to do this, I know that firefox saves images to a cache file but it is in a gzip archive file that I am unable to unzip (just gives error when I try, I'm using Ubuntu, so yes i do have gzip support).. I have looked for plugsin to do this but haven't found anything of use.. I want it so that, for every page I visit that all images on the page are automatically saved so as to be usable in the future.. if there is a way to get the images from the cache I would appreciate any advice to point me in the right direction.. thanks for any info

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You could try the CacheViewer add-on and see if it's something like what you're looking for.

I'm not sure if it will let you automatically save the photos, but you can at least access them. And it's an add-on as opposed to a stand alone program which is a plus.

Or you could try the Mihov Batch Picture Downloader. You give it a site and it will crawl the site for image files and download them.

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Why does the Firefox "Save Web Page (complete)" feature of Firefox not work for you?

If you simply want to automate the page saving, create a simple macro with SAVEAS in iMacros for Firefox (or use the take browser screenshot of the complete website feature of iMacros).

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I'm quite fond of the (Downthemall) application. You can specify extensions, and it'll locate and download any links ending in that extension. In your case: Image files :)

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There is a neat utility called DownloadThemAll which allows you to download Images / Videos etc (basically anything that you can download by right-clicking -> Save Link

I used this Add-On in Windows and was delighted to find it available for FireFox in Ubunto 10.04.

I hope this helps,

regards ...

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