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I'm trying to pull changes from a server which has sshd on port 2345 and an hg server listening locally on port 5432. I already have certifcate-based authentication for ssh, so there no need for a password.

This doesn't work:

hg -v pull ssh://[email protected]:2345/ -p 5432

since the pull command apparently takes the port number from where I assumed ssh would be taking it...

Any ideas how to do this?

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2 Answers

The simplest would be to put an entry in .ssh/config, something like:

Host myserver.com
Port 2345
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You just need

hg -v pull ssh://[email protected]:2345/full_pathname   


hg -v pull ssh://[email protected]:2345//srv/hg/username/repos 

-p is not a recognized option for hg pull. Note your path syntax above is also wrong

hg -v pull ssh://[email protected]:2345/

is not correct syntax.

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