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My Mac accumulated a lot of installed ports that I may not need when reinstalling it soon.

I want to only install those packages which I know I'm using, but to filter them out of the huge list of port list installed is impractical.

I'm looking for a way to out put a list of just those installed packages which don't have any other package depending on them. Better yet, I'd love to have a way to visualize the dependencies.

Any ideas on how to accomplish either one?

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EDIT: I was wrong last time. I think now the correct command you could use is port list requested. You can also set and unset requested status with port setrequested and port unsetrequested, respectively.

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Note this only works correctly if you are using 1.9 or newer with the sqlite registry format. If you had an older installation, you need to change your portdbformat in macports.conf first and manually mark software you want as requested. With the new registry format dependencies will always be considered unrequested. – Raim Sep 5 '10 at 23:44

You can use the script port_cutleaves to find installed ports which you no longer need. It interactively walks through the leaves of the dependency tree and allows to trigger the actions keep or uninstall. It also provides a man page describing more advanced options.


$ sudo port install port_cutleaves
$ sudo port_cutleaves
[Leaf 1 of 13] samba3 @3.2.15_1 (active):
  [keep] / (u)ninstall / (f)lush / (a)bort:
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