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Do any programs need to be installed that aren't included in the default install of Linux Mint in order for it to allow VNC connections?

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The "remote desktop" option no longer seems to be available in Mint > 12.

This worked for me in Mint 14 MATE, taken from:

The VNC server included in the distro is called "Vino", but it doesn't seem to startup by default or have any menu item.

Enable Vino

  • From the terminal, run: vino-preferences
  • Place ticks in both: Sharing --> Allow other users to view and control your desktop
  • Set a password and other options

Create a menu item for Vino

  • Right-click the "Menu" option on the taskbar
  • Select "Edit Menu"
  • Select "New Item"
  • Set "Command" to: /usr/lib/vino/vino-server --sm-disable

Launch Vino on startup

  • Select "Menu" -> "Control Center"
  • Select "Startup Applications"
  • Drag and drop the Vino menu item to the preferences window

Other stuff

  • To find the IP address to use when connecting from other machines, run "ifconfig" from the terminal
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Yes, you'll need a VNC server. I don't know if Mint includes one by default, but popular choices are Vino and RealVNC (Xvnc).

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The way to do it is go to menu->control center->remote desktop. Then click on allow others to view your desktop. It will also show the ip that people need to enter to connect.

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I don't see that in my control center. Maybe they've renamed it in Linux Mint 14, or maybe I'm missing some packages? – David Moles Jan 3 '13 at 21:16

I have a headless Linux Mint server that uses vino for VNC access. I configured it to autologin, and then I access the server with VNC whenever I need it. It works great.

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For Linux Mint 14 the menu option is called Desktop Sharing (just press the windows-button and typ "desktop sharing").

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To anyone still encountering issues with VNC connections into a Mint installation, see here:

This is the only guide I have found that actually works.

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