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I'm using FreeBSD. I know that it's possible to set wildmode and wildmenu in vim using set commands. How can I do similar stuff in a Linux shell? That is, what is the settings file's name?

What I want is for the shell to display possible filenames when I type in half of of a filename and press Tab. Also, I would like to remove the annoying beep that occurs when I press Tab.

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It is running CShell right now. – woodstok Aug 27 '10 at 6:55
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FreeBSD is not Linux.

To enable file and command completion add the following line to your ~/.csh file:

set filec

Then when you type part of a command name or filename at a shell prompt you can press escape and it will complete it for you.

You can inhibit the bell by adding this line:

set nobeep

See man csh for more information.

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