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How do I get Internet Explorer 8 to display every single web page with its own title?

I want the full URL of the web page I am viewing to be displayed in the title bar, and so in the task bar button too.

Windows XP and IE8. Tabbed Browsing is off.

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You can not change the built-in behaviour of a web browser when it is written to display the text contained in the <title> tags of an HTML document.

That said, the following bookmarklet works in Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome, but unfortunately does not work(*) in any version of Internet Explorer from 6 through 8 that I tested it in:


(*) - It actually does seem to set document.title to the requested value in Internet Explorer, but does not update the titlebar.

Your options for Internet Explorer at this point are:

  1. Have all your web traffic go through a proxy that appends <script>document.title=window.location.href</script> immediately before </body> for every document.
  2. Use some sort of server-side solution to frame every page you want to browse to and control the <title> of the top-level frameset document yourself.
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