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Has anyone managed to turn off the 802.11 feature of the T-Mobile @Home router? I want to get 2 lines, so the wi-fi-less adapter is out, but I already have fine coverage and don't want an interfering signal.

As a corollary does anyone know if there's a more controllable firmware out there, similar to openWRT which supports this router, while retaining the SIM and phone features?

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Wireless Tab -> look for "Wireless Network Mode" -> select disabled.

Should look like this screen:

Re firmware, DD-WRT does not support it: There is one person attempting to get OpenWRT on it,

, but I have no idea if it will retain those SIM features.

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Thanks for identifying the model. It looks like it has it's own entry in the page. Then so the devices themselves should be able to find support. The user-land device configuration and t-mobile voip behavior might be non-gpl, and may need to get ripped off a working device. – dlamblin Aug 5 '09 at 7:00
Oh, and is nifty. while is not. – dlamblin Aug 5 '09 at 7:03

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