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Is there any way to get PC4200 (ECC) memory to work in a Dell Precision T3400? The company purchased this machine a few months ago for us for dev work, but spec'ed it with 2GB of RAM. That doesn't work so well for VMs (or just Java IDE+app servers+DB, really).

I have some PC4200 RAM, but it doesn't want to boot with it installed. Is there a workaround? Or are we merely hopeless? ;)

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A good way to check your machine compatibilities for memory is with the Crucial tool

It will identify all upgrades you can do and give you direct purchase links if you wish to use them.

  • Use working memories to boot the system,
  • Scan with the tool (while connected to the Internet)
  • Get the compatible memory list and check your PC-4200 against that
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Well it sounds like your machine does support ECC ram, but I don't know if it supports that lower speed. That ram may be too slow to work properly with the computer. DDR2 PC2-5300,DDR2 PC2-6400,DDR2 PC2-8500 are the stated supported speeds.

Is the ram that is currently in the computer ECC or non-ECC? If it is non-ecc, it might not like mixed ram.

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It is ECC, but so are the PC4200 sticks. :) Sadly, I suspect that you are right about them being too slow. – Jess Sightler Aug 4 '09 at 19:46
What speed is the Ram currently in the machine? – Troggy Aug 4 '09 at 19:52

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