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I want to format my computer at work, but I need to make sure that the new installation of XP properly accesses my company's network. I would have IT do this, but we're a small outfit and don't have an IT department.

Obviously I have my login credentials, but are there specific Windows services or other tweaks I would need in place? I am assuming I can just copy down all of the settings as they are now before formatting, then just add those to the new installation, however I don't know which settings are important to transfer.

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If you're on a Windows domain, you will almost certainly need to get the server/domain administrator involved, since only a user with domain administration permissions will be able to re-add your computer to the domain.

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It's really hard to tell the answser to your question, since we don't know how your work network is set up. Generally you just need your account and password.

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Well I guess that's the heart of my question - is there any way to derive any additional settings from my current setup to ensure a smooth installation/connection with the network? – NoCatharsis Aug 28 '10 at 8:54

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