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I'm looking for a list of command line *nix like apps for windows.

I suppose gnuwin32 is a good idea, and cygwin...

Each give a good list.

any other ideas?

I know sometimes there are good programs that aren't GNU, and aren't yet ported to cygwin(the windows version may be or are usable in it but not listed). I'm interested in other good lists.

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A little hard to read, but at the bottom of page 3 of this document is a list of around 400 or so commands that are part of the MKS Toolkit for Developers. Note: the toolkit is a bit pricey (around $500) if you want to acquire it. I used an earlier version some years ago on a project and was happy with it.

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i've accepted it.though pricey! I think the best thing and a classic people use, is what was in the question.. which is gnuwin32 and cygwin. i'd add.. gnuwin32 is broad and maybe includes things which perhaps don't have a gnu license e.g. linux-util-ng which i think is a collection of bsd utilities ported to linux.. Could be it does have a gnu license.. – barlop Sep 16 '10 at 20:37

It depends on what type of *nix apps you want to run. I like Cygwin. I also use Putty quite a bit. Most anything else I find a windows command line version of an app.

For example both 7Zip and FileZilla are windows apps with command line functionality. These two are great because I get the GUI, the command line, and are built for Windows.

Looking at the MKS link, looks like the majority of that is included with cygwin, a free tool. Another tool includes MS Services for Unix (now renamed to Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications).

Something to look at for future considerations WINE but to run Linux apps on Windows: Linux Binaries on Windows

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