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I have to scan a lot of two sided documents into a PDF and was wondering if there is any convenient software that would merge every other page (First scan all the odd number pages on the first pass -> odd.pdf; Then scan all the even numbered pages on the second pass -> even.pdf).

I know there are PDF mergers out there that will consecutively stack two or more PDFs on top of each other. I was curious on how to merge all the odd numbered pages and even numbered pages into a single consecutive PDF file with the least hassle.

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I wrote a tool exactly for what you are/were looking for: sourceforge.net/projects/duplexmerger –  TrudleR Jun 16 at 7:35

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Free open-source software I use whenever I need to mess with PDF documents is PDF Split and Merge This software makes it so easy to do exactly what you need.

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I have the same problem: a scanner with a single-sided document feeder but large double-sided documents. I tried scanning them using Acrobat, which does this reordering automatically, but I found the quality was not quite as good as letting the scanner create the PDFs itself. PDF Split and Merge worked perfectly, using the "alternate mix" setting/plug-in, to merge the two files together with the pages in the right order. Thanks sonoftsadik. –  user52356 Oct 14 '10 at 17:17

I have written a small Java program for your task. Please see the sample input and output contained in the zip folder.

page [1>3>4>2] => page [1>2>3>4]
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I've been using Softi ScanWiz to scan documents into pdf. It has a feature to reorder the scanned pages into a double sided document. This would allow you to scan the odd pages, then the even pages and then have the software reorder the pages. They currently have a free 30 day trial so you should be able to try the software and see if it meets your needs.

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Scan2PDF by métier 2000 has this feature when scanning. But if you already have scanned the PDFs I don't think the software can help you. However if you are doing this type of scanning again Scan2PDF can help you speed up the process.

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